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Oracle AI (ORCAI)


🔥 ORACLE AI PRESALE 🔥 The date has finally been set for the $ORCAI Presale! ! TUESDAY, 6TH OF JUNE, 12PM EST 4PM UTC ! 🔥 We are happy to announce that the $ORCAI exciting journey is ahead of us! Oracle AI are a team of devs, that are programming an AI Model, their v1 has been designed to predict the price of cryptocurrencies. However, the mission is to transform how wealth management is currently used and approached in crypto. 🧠 The Oracle AI model will be able to automate personalized investment plans and structure everything from fund, portfolio, and trade management, thereby increasing profitability and efficiency through the use of AI. Oracle AI's algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, including historical and current data, market sentiment, holidays, and more, to compute key factors. 🟢 The Oracle AI’s model is looking to revolutionize the crypto space by combining the most efficient machine learning methods to benefit everyday investors. Key components and factors include: 🟥 Portfolio Management 🟥 Risk Assessment 🟥 Market Analysis 🟥 Diversification 🟥 Performance Monitoring 🟥 Asset Allocation 🟥 Active and Passive Management 🔮 We have now integrated the Oracle AI Model with Telegram, allowing our product to reach a wider audience and become viral. We have also designed an interactive web interface, where users can dive deeper into the analysis. Both will be released shortly after the $ORCAI DEX listing. Presale investors will have an advantage rate-wise due to the reason that we like to incentivize early investors and early believers in the project. Please see the rate % difference below: Presale price: 15% discounted price in relation to Dex-Listing Rate Dex-Listing price: 0% 🤝 Presale tokens will be able to be claimed or distributed on launch of the token, no vesting. Launch date for the $ORCAI token is set to be Friday the 26th of May. Our roadmap includes a range of impactful & useful products, that will be powered core Oracle AI model. We believe our software will become extremely relevant to investors of all backgrounds, including new retail investors & veteran traders. Revenue generated by our Oracle AI bot, in form of ads etc of will be shared amongst $ORCAI holders.

Token Details

Token Name

Oracle AI

Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Total Supply

1,000,000 ORCAI

Token Address


Do not send $ETH to the token address

Token Distribution

Please ensure the website is




No Minimum


No Maximum

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