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This pool is hosted on GemPad.

If you wish to contribute to the presale, see this information on GemPad, or are experiencing any difficulties then head over to the presale directly.

As always, do your own research and happy hunting!

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BandZai Game Token (BZAI)


🌟 BANDZAI Presentation: ZAIs are clumsy but fierce mythical creatures whose principal hobby is, well, fighting each other! Send your very own ZAIs to battle in quest for fame and experience, or level them up through a unique training system. Earn $BZAI as you win fights with your ZAIs, or take control over one of our unique centers and start nursing and selling ZAIs, training them or crafting potions! Get more powerful and more exclusive ZAIs, fight your way to the end game in both PVE and PvP modes and earn ever greater rewards! The game is already fully developed and playable in Alpha mode here: It will be launched on the Immutable zkEVM network in January (Once mainnet is live) Learn more: 💰 $BZAI presentation BandZai is a 100% blockchain game. Its $BZAI token is available on the Ethereum network. $BZAI tokens can be bridged to take advantage of the best of both networks: substantial liquidity on Ethereum and minuscule Gas fees on Immutable zkEVM. The $BZAI token as an initial supply of 1B token, and a calculated initial supply of 55.3M tokens in circulation representing 166k$ circulation MarketCap at launch (gempad sale softcap, liquidity not included). The game offers a circular economy in which the token $BZAI is the central element of its economy, the token is highly deflationary. Learn more about the $BZAI use cases and economy: 🔥Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) BandZai is holding a Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) on the GemPad platform to create the necessary liquidity for the token and game. 100% of ETH collected will be used to feed the Uniswap liquidity pool on the Ethereum network. The liquidity will initially be locked for 180 days, then divided in 2 to feed liquidity on the 2 Immutable zkEVM and Ethereum networks. After this stage, the liquidity will be definitively locked by burning the LP tokens. 📈Tokenomic Seed investors: 5M $BZAI (50% LGE, 50 days linear vesting) Liquidity Generation Event (LGE): 100M $BZAI (50% LGE, 50 days linear vesting) Initial liquidity: 140M $BZAI Advisors: 80M $BZAI (5% after 10 days cliff, 5m daily linear vesting) Team: 120M $BZAI (5% after 3 months cliff, 6m daily linear vesting) Marketing: 100M $BZAI (5% after 10 days cliff, 5m daily linear vesting) Rewards in game reserve: 455M $BZAI (50m from game launch, unlocks happen proportionally to game usage, delivered on the game network.) 🔒 Seeds tokens, Advisors tokens , Team tokens and Marketing tokens (305M BZAI) are locked in vesting process on platform. Details here: 🔒 In-game rewards and Liquidity delta amount tokens are locked on GemPad platform Until at least January 31, 2024 where the immutable zkEVM main net will be launched. Those tokens will be unlocked and directly sent to zk bridge to link $BZAI on Ethereum to $BZAI on Immutable zkEVM.

Token Details

Token Name

BandZai Game Token

Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Total Supply

1,000,000,000 BZAI

Token Address


Do not send $ETH to the token address

Token Distribution

Please ensure the website is


120 ETH


0.01 ETH


10 ETH


1 ETH = 800,000 BZAI

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