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This pool is hosted on GemPad.

If you wish to contribute to the presale, see this information on GemPad, or are experiencing any difficulties then head over to the presale directly.

As always, do your own research and happy hunting!

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Livium (LVM)


🔥  Introducing the new crypto token that not only allows you to trade and invest but also provides you with USDC. 🔥 Our main goal is to build a community that lives up to the word, a token that makes a difference and provides a better future for all. Livium is a token with a mission, a purpose, and a vision of how it will achieve and help shape the future of cryptocurrency. The dividend that is rewarded in USDC when buying Livium tokens is an innovative feature that is designed to incentivize investors to hold Livium tokens for the long term. Here's how it works: A percentage of the transaction fees generated from the purchase and sale of Livium tokens is divided and distributed to all holders. The more Livium tokens a holder has, the higher their USDC dividends. This incentivizes long-term investment in Livium tokens with innovative rewards. Livium also has a unique feature called "Buyback and Burn" which means that a portion of the transaction fees generated from buying and selling Livium tokens is used to buy back Livium tokens from the market.These tokens are then permanently removed from circulation, reducing the total supply of Livium and increasing the value of each remaining token. This mechanism creates a deflationary effect on Livium's circulating supply, making it a more scarce and valuable asset over time. 📣 Livium has completed its vesting contract, which ensures the lock-up of 150 million LVM tokens until May 22, 2025. After that date, a gradual unlocking mechanism will be implemented with 12.5 million LVM being unlocked / month to prevent market volatility. 📣 ✅  Vesting Contract Adress: ⚪  Buy/Sell Tokenomics ⚪ 📣 Buy: 🔸️No Tax! 📣 Sell: 🔸️ 5% BuyBack 🔸️ 2% Dividend 🔸️ 2% Liquidity 🔸️ 3% Marketing / Development

Token Details

Token Name


Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Total Supply

1,000,000,000 LVM

Token Address


Do not send $BNB to the token address

Token Distribution

Please ensure the website is


15 BNB


No Minimum


No Maximum

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