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FuggingCarbby ($FUGC) could be a meme coin that combines the fun and humorous aspects of meme culture with the world of cryptocurrency. Crabby Ecosystem FuggingCrabby Token ($FUGC): The main cryptocurrency token in the FuggingCrabby ecosystem. It can be bought, sold, and traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. The total supply can be limited. FuggingCrabby Wallet: A secure digital wallet designed specifically for holding FC and other compatible cryptocurrencies. Users can download the wallet app to manage their FC tokens and conduct transactions. FuggingCrabby NFTs: FuggingCrabby-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be collected, bought, and sold on a decentralized marketplace. Each NFT could represent a unique and funny FuggingCrabby meme or artwork, allowing the community to engage in creative expression. FuggingCrabby Merchandise Store: An online store where users can purchase FuggingCrabby-themed merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and artwork, paying with FC tokens. FuggingCrabby Community Fund: A portion of the transaction fees or newly minted tokens could be allocated to a community fund. The fund can be used for charity donations, community events, or development projects voted on by the FuggingCrabby community. FuggingCrabby Social Platform: An online platform or forum where FuggingCrabby enthusiasts can discuss memes, cryptocurrency, and share FuggingCrabby-themed content. Active community members might be rewarded with FC tokens for their contributions. FuggingCrabby Games: Develop simple and addictive mobile games or online games with FuggingCrabby as the central character. Players could earn $FUGC tokens as rewards, creating engagement within the community. 🔥 ELON LOVE ❤️ FUGGING CRABBY Second wave in meme.. Create Crabby Ecosystem 🔥Swap,NFT MARKET PLACE & D'app launch 🔥 70% BURNED and More coming💥 2% REWARDS in USDT for Holders 2% to liquidity⚡ 100% SAFU BIG Audit & KYC for Top Cex 📈 Based Dev previous project went 250x in 10days ✅ Immediately Trending (BSC,AVE,DEXTOOLS) 💰 5% tokens added to Melegaswap (Farming + Staking Pool) STARTS on LAUNCH 💥 CMC And CGK fasttrack 🌌 AMA's on( BINANCE,GATE IO )💥Big KOLS Partnerships ⭐️ Massive Marketing(X,YT&TG) ❌ Ownership will be Renounce on Launch

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Total Supply

360,000,000,000,000 FUGC

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Do not send $BNB to the token address

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Please ensure the website is




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