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Dex Raiden (DXR)

Fair Launch

This pool is hosted on PinkSale.

If you wish to contribute to the presale, see this information on PinkSale, or are experiencing any difficulties then head over to the presale directly.

As always, do your own research and happy hunting!

🔵⚪ - Our mission is bring transparency!💥 DXR aims to change the current direction of payments between companies and consumers!🌅 Create a DEX with a futuristic, simple and user friendly design, simplifying the entire concept of payments WEB3!🏙 Creation of decentralized Exchange with AMM technology, gateway payment for FIAT and CRYPTO, pools, stake, low fees, bridge of all networks.💥✅ - Manual Buybacks ✅ - Experienced Dev ✅ CoinScopeAudit ✅ 2 Year LP Lock ✅💥WELCOME TO DXR!

Token Details

Token Name

Dex Raiden

Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Total Supply

50,000,000 DXR

Token Address


Do not send $BNB to the token address

Token Distribution

Please ensure the website is

Progress bar:

40 BNB

Min buy:

No Minimum

Max buy:

10 BNB