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This pool is hosted on GemPad.

If you wish to contribute to the presale, see this information on GemPad, or are experiencing any difficulties then head over to the presale directly.

As always, do your own research and happy hunting!

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Cloudbit Classic (CDBC)


Cloudbit Classic (CDBC) is a cryptocurrency coin. CDBC enables communication between blockchains and their smart contracts. Through Cloudbit's decentralized ecosystem, it allows to provide with external data, events and payment methods and process off-chain information. The CDBC network is powered by a large community of data processing providers, node operators, smart contract developers and security auditors. Cloudbit focuses on ensuring that decentralized participation is available to node operators and its users. šŸ“– The Cloudbit Classic documents What are the features of the CDBC coin šŸ” Team coins locked for 1 year šŸ” Liquidity locked for 1 year āœ… 0% Buy Tax (Easy Exchange Integration) āœ… 0% Sell Tax (Easy Exchange Integration) šŸŖ™ 1% of CDBCs total supply is already burned What are the benefits from CDBC Presale on GemPad šŸŖ™ Filled 20 BNB - 100 BNB (50% APR CDBC staking pool) šŸŖ™ Filled 101 BNB - 250 BNB (100% APR CDBC staking pool) šŸŖ™ Filled 251 BNB - 500 BNB (150% APR CDBC staking pool) šŸŖ™ Filled 501 BNB - 1000 BNB (200% APR CDBC staking pool) Audited by: šŸ”° AnalytixAudit

Token Details

Token Name

Cloudbit Classic

Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Total Supply

200,000,000 CDBC

Token Address


Do not send $BNB to the token address

Token Distribution

Please ensure the website is


20 BNB


No Minimum


No Maximum

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