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Seneca (SEN)

Fair Launch

This pool is hosted on GemPad.

If you wish to contribute to the presale, see this information on GemPad, or are experiencing any difficulties then head over to the presale directly.

As always, do your own research and happy hunting!

Seneca is an omnichain CDP protocol for yield-bearing assets. Borrow collateralized stablecoin senUSD using supported collateral. Token utility includes governance, trading tax redistribution, and protocol fees redistribution. With Seneca, users can access institutional-grade borrowing against established and emerging DeFi assets, maximizing capital efficiency. Seneca launches on Arbitrum. Partners & Integrations • Camelot (DEX) • Gamma (Liquidity Management) • DIA (Cross-Chain Oracles) • LayerZero (Omnichain Interoperability) Collateral Integrations • Lido • Frax • Angle Protocol • Jones DAO • Rocketpool • Redacted Cartel • Radiant • Pendle Raise Type • Fair Launch • DIAMOND TIER Listing (TGE) • November 8th • Liquidity on Camelot • SEN LP Farming Incentives Tokenomics • 3/3 Trading Tax • 2% Revenue Share to Holders • 1% Treasury (Incentives, Operations, Rewards) • SEN and senUSD are OFTs since launch (LayerZero Integration) Past Roadmap Steps - Protocol Development - Awareness Campaign - Key Partnerships - TGE: Nov 8th (Upcoming) - Camelot Listing: Nov 8th (Upcoming) - SEN LP Farming Incentives (Upcoming) Next Roadmap Steps - dApp Audit - dApp Deployment - sSEN Staking Implementation - Cross-chain Protocol Expansion - CEX Listings

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Total Supply

100,000,000 SEN

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Do not send $ETH to the token address

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50 ETH

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No Minimum

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